Repair Advice

Auto Repair Advice and Diagnostic Troubleshooting

Have you ever wished there were a site where you could finally get the online auto repair diagnostic and troubleshooting information you need? A site where you could describe what your vehicle is doing or is not doing and actually get your questions answered? Well here it is!

At Ace Automotive, we offer two levels of advice packages.

With our $9.95 Standard Service Package your question will be answered by an ASE Certified Technician. He will reply with the most likely cause of your problem as well as his recommendations.

He will also advise you of any recalls that apply to your vehicle and any Technical Service Bulletins that pertain to your problem.

Do you need someone to stay in contact with you until the problem is fixed? If so, then our $19.95 Premium Service Package is the right choice for you. Our ASE Certified Technician will also provide procedures for testing and or troubleshooting if needed.

Do you need Wiring Diagrams and Component Locations? We can provide you with them for only $5.99.

Simply follow these two easy steps to have your questions answered:

  1. Complete our advice form telling us about your vehicle and describing the situation and problems you are having.
  2. Make your payment online through Paypal or telephone us at 253-582-6744 or 253-691-6206 (24 hr cell). We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover/Novus.

Our ASE Certified Technician will email you back with the information you need, usually within 24 hours.

You will need to be very specific about exactly what type of vehicle you are working on and what your vehicle is doing. We have provided a few descriptive examples. Please read through them prior to completing our advice form.

Randy, thanks for your help. Everything you advised worked! … I think your service was great and a bargain at $9.95 for the phone call and the sound advice. My son and I enjoying working on his 1965 Mustang together and you made it possible for us to do it ourselves! I will let all my friends know about your service. Thanks. Dave Weaver

I called the 24 hr cell number and Randy hooked me up with the info I needed. I will be recommending this site to everyone I know who likes to complete their own repairs. This site puts Haynes manuals to shame!!!


  • It runs badly. Please describe as best as you can exactly how your car is running.
  • Missing (not running evenly)
  • Surging (engine speed going up and down by itself)
  • Smoking (tell me what color the smoke is (ex: white, black or blue) and when)
    • On initial start in the morning?
    • When you go up hills?
    • Stopped at a traffic light?
  • Is it just turning over? (turning over means the engine is rotating when you try to start the engine.)
  • “Won’t crank” means exactly that. The engine won’t crank over, not won’t start. Starting means the engine actually starts.
  • Is it just not starting?
    • It starts and dies.
    • Starts only when the engine is cold.
    • Starts only when the engine is warm.
    • Makes a grinding sound when I try to start it.
    • Just “clicks” when I try to start it.
    • Dies after I drive for a while.